This site was begun from my interested in walking machines after shock when I watched film The Empire Strikes Back (Stars Wars) a long, long time ago After many years of thinking I decided to build my first machine with legs. In my redecorate not, not in a garage in my cellar and for my own money I furnish small laboratory where I assembly walking machines. I believe that XXI century will be belong to the intelligence mobile robotics and artificial intelligence, especially that all technical barriers are cowered. Great prospect open up to: space explore robots: colonization of Mars planet or another object in solar system, explore surface, military robots: small scout robots (e.g.. target bearings, looking for terrorists bases ) two legs war machines - like in star wars, a multi legs very big 'ship' with helicopters and rockets and much another) or common use e.g. trash gather robots, domestic robots like legs vacuum cleaner :-). This site is also for promotion legged robots and people who are fun of these robots. I promise to update this site often, soon I want to prepare some articles about legged locomotion and intelligence.

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